Trust: A very Strange Theory

In the range of 0 to 10 what score would you give me on the basis of trust? If you are a close friend of mine you might give 7 or 8, if we have talked once or twice then you might give 4 or 5, if you barely know me than I expect you would give 0 or 1 and if I have broken your trust then that’s a different story. See trust has a very sudden theory of ranges and numbers. Nowadays trust has ranges, levels and numbers that can be measured just to clarify our loyalty, friendship and bond.

In the world of social media where fake smiles and fake words are ruling the planet it surely is difficult to trust someone. We share pictures, texts and thoughts, after one or two meets but to trust someone you need to think twice to even share your daily schedule.

But the real question is “Can I trust this person with all my secrets, facts, realities, and emotions hoping he won’t break my trust?” and to achieve that you need to start from the beginning with lots of talks, foods and bond. Slowly but peacefully you start developing trust with that person. As time passes, that person becomes your best friend or your significant other. It is said no relationship lasts forever and eventually the person you trusted leaves you, carrying your secrets with him. Obviously you trust this person; after all he was there for you whenever you were down and brought smile in your face. You believe him that he won’t break your trust and your secrets are safe with him.

All of a sudden, one day you receive a text message from one of your friend stating the same old secrets that you shared with that so called trustworthy person. How would you feel? Betrayed? Broken? Shattered? All of the above? Obviously you will gonna feel all those cause you shared your life’s journey with that person, you shared your lies and secrets, you shared your feelings and most importantly you gave 10 out of 10 in the scale journey of trust. You shared moments and happiness with that person and what that person gave you was a sick old promising lie that he won’t break your trust and won’t leave you. But that person chose over you for someone new. And now you are the center of gossip. Gossip is like an earthquake, you never know when it is coming, but when it comes, BOOM, it comes with a big thunder and in a blink of an eye everything that you had turns into rubble.

Now your trust is broken, and most importantly you lose your friend, even though you had problems you had a trust for that person and now that trust has become just meaningless to you. You sit in the corner and all you can do is sob or stare at the wall recalling what made us fall apart.

But we need to thank those trust breakers, leavers and especially the gossipers, they made us strong right? They made us realize not to trust a person even though you have known him for more than a year.

Humans, the most superior creature having their own set of mind and the smartest ones; but not so smart enough to look behind the fake mask which they have glued it in their face for the rest of their life, playing sick game for own selfish needs. Strange, cause later we trust those people again making the same old mistake.
I believe separation is the main cause to create obstacles in the wonderful happy land of trust. Separation, maybe geographical or emotional, but damage is surely created. Geographical separation is not that tortuous, because the hearts are still intact with each other, so the chances of breaking trust or creating damage is less, but when the hearts are separated they change their direction. And like all those classic movies you see a person becoming the villain of that drama called life who spills the secrets and another the hero, who had believed his friend, that he won’t kiss and tell but the joke was on him.

Though life showers us with such people but we are even gifted with our healers. On the path to find a correct friend we come across a lot of backstabbers, leavers and breakers but once we find those healers, you will realize you found your diamonds. Thus, while searching the diamonds, you will come across a lot of coals.

So to live a life with less trauma, we just need to move on with the life, cause you learned not to trust anyone blindly, you learned humans have two sides; the gothic devil and spreading love angel, and you learned that stones come in your life in the form of your trust-breaking friends to cast shadow and darkness but your diamonds which are your real supporters will shine bright to teach you survive in darkness with hopes by your side.